Emtee – “The world hates rappers”

Emtee – “The world hates rappers”

Emtee – “The world hates rappers”

Emtee claims the world hates rappers following the death of the American rapper, Takeoff who was gunned down in Houston.

The name of the deceased has been trending on Twitter for hours with people paying tribute to the late star across the globe.

The death of record of international rappers has been recently high, with many killed through gunshots.

Emtee’s tweet which read, “THE WORLD HATES RAPPERS!!!” has garnered lots of reactions.

“Nah, there are rappers out there who don’t live the gangster life. The world doesn’t hate rappers, it’s the lifestyle “rappers” choose to live,” a tweep responded.

Emtee also slammed people who were quick to mourn the late rapper on social media.

“Fonem be really quick to RIP you. Like, they make time to look for your pic with them so they can post and have a long fake caption,” he wrote.

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